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No Laughing, No Talking, No Moving

Recently I brought my five year old god daughter to a playground, and the first thing that struck me was a notice at the entry gate which read. No running No shouting and No physical contact. I immediately thought ‘well that rules out Kiss Chasing’, which was a...

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Kade’s Junior Cert Results

Well the day has finally arrived and when I asked Kade this morning if he was nervous about receiving his Junior Cert results his pragmatic response was 'why would I be nervous now, I did the exams in June'. I really wanted him to do well, but not for me, for himself....

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Dyslexia What Kade Did Next

This article is written with the full permission of my son Kade, who is willing to have very personal information put in print in hope that it will help others who are experiencing similar difficulties. Kade is a very brave and inspiring young man, he lights up my...

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Dyslexia the Beginning

I am not a psychologist and I don’t claim to be an expert but I am parent of a teenage boy, who has been coping with dyslexia all his life.  His diagnosis led me to do my own research with in turn prompted me to question myself, and the result is I am a mature...

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School’s out for summer

I remember as a child being told that school days are the best days of your life! We've all heard that one, as a school kid I didn't believe that for a  minute, I did however feel that Summer holidays were the best days of  my life! Do you remember that...

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