I recently brought my God daughter Lorna, who is four years old, to ‘The World of Princesses’ in the Ambassador in Dublin.

At just €8.50 per person it is certainly value for money, and any little princess will thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Most of the little girls were dressed in their own princess dresses, adorned with glitter, tiaras, wands, and lots of bling!!

We were greeted by Princess Tracey, who gave the children a lesson in ‘princess etiquette’. Apparently a princess smiles all the time, is friendly to everyone, always behaves well, never argues, and does what her parents ask!!!!!

A world of princesses
Princess Lorna in carriage

We entered a room which had photos and facts on ‘real princesses’. They included Princess Diana, Princess Grace of Monaco, Princess Anastasia to name a few.

Next a room filled with crown jewels, thrones and a table set for a royal banquette.  When Lorna was a baby and just able to reach out and grab, she would lunge towards any bit of bling that I wore, so the crowns and tiaras, broaches and necklaces drew gasps and woops from her.

The last room was a large ‘Disney princess’ themed area, which scenes from ‘The Little Mermaid’ the coach from ‘Cinderella’ and a wishing well. I love that 4 year olds really believe their wish will come through and yet she simply wished for a Hello Kitty Yoyo!!

There was face painting, puppetering, instruments to play, colouring, and lots of play stuff. We spent over an hour here, and all of the children had a marvellous time.

Afterwards I asked Lorna if she would like to visit the shop where princesses do their shopping. I brought her to Brown Thomas, where we had a lovely lunch. We then tried on shoes, looked at dresses, picked out the diamonds we would like in Tiffany’s, where the lovely shop assistant allowed Lorna to try on a diamond necklace. We tested perfume in Jo Malone, and the assistant there gave us both a hand massage. At the Mac counter Lorna had her lip gloss and eye shadow touched up.

On the way home I asked Lorna if she was tired, she said no, and two minutes later she was fast asleep. It really was a special day spent we with darling God daughter.

I was surprised by some of the comments from people when I told them where we had spent our day, from ‘the Princess thing is all Disney hype’, to ‘we should discourage that kind of thing if we want to raise strong independent women’ and most surprisingly one mother said “Don’t be filling her head full of nonsense, fairy tales don’t come true and there is no such thing as prince charming, all men are……….’. Hello! she is 4!!

When I was 4 I played princesses with my sister, I can still remember she was a Spanish princess called Lola and I was an English princess called Catherine. We dressed up, made wands and tiaras from tin foil and feathers, wore our mother’s high heels and diamante jewellery, and dreamt of prince charming. I can categorically state we are both strong, independent women, who meet, married and are living happily ever after with our prince charming’s.