I remember as a child being told that school days are the best days of your life! We’ve all heard that one, as a school kid I didn’t believe that for a  minute, I did however feel that Summer holidays were the best days of  my life!

Do you remember that feeling of being free for two whole months! And we really where free, free to roam the streets, call for friends who lived blocks away, free to stay out all day returning only to be fed.  As an 11 year old I remember cycling with my pals from my home in Terenure to the Pheonix Park, packing a picnic, and free wheeling down Knockmaroon hill on the way home. At 12 and 13 I was getting the 15A into Grafton St, and roaming for  hours in the Dandelion market (revealing my age now).

When both my parents were out at work, I was cared for by  my brother and sister. There was always a  neighbour around to keep their eye out for you, but Child care was not even a consideration.

Unfortunately we can’t allow our children the same freedom. Times have changed, no doubt, and we all have to be more vigilant. While at work Child care is a necessity, we can’t depend on our neighbours as they are out working too.

Chose a creche that offers your school going child ample freedom. At Tír na nÓg during the summer holidays we bring the after school children to the local park. We pack a picnic, and spend most of the day there. They are free to play football, rounders, skipping with a long rope, even old fashioned chasing, while still under the supervision of a child care professional. It gives them a refreshing break from the creche, and allows them to blow of steam.

Its a small thing but it makes a big difference in a child’s life.

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