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Healthy Meals at Tír na nÓg


On arrival in the mornings, children serve themselves to porridge, Weetabix, other cereals, toast with jam or marmalade. Drinks are available for children to help themselves, throughout the day.


Before snack children tidy up their activities and wash their hands. Snack is freshly cooked on the premises, and serviced at 11am. Children help themselves to the snack, and choose the portion or amount they require. Snack is a well-balanced meal, providing energy and nutrition, which options to suit dietary and cultural requirements.

Break Time

At 1pm, children attending full-day care are offered a fruit break. They are involved in preparing the fruit and choosing the ones they like best. Along with fruit and berries they can also have carrot, pepper and cucumber sticks.

Dinner Time

Dinner is served at approximately 2.45pm, when the afterschool children arrive back from school. Meals consist of healthy, nutritious ingredients. Our meals are assessed by a dietitian passionate about children’s nutrition. Children serve themselves, which gives them the independence to decide on their own portion size. We always have choices and options to suit dietary and cultural requirements.


Tea time is prepared around 4.45pm and children are encouraged to part-take in the preparation. This may be preparing their own sandwiches, adding toppings to crackers, or piling waffles and pancakes with berries. Fruit and yogurt are always an option for tea time, with non-dairy yogurts available for lactose intolerant and vegan diets.

Better Start Quality Development 

We engage with Better Start Quality Development. This is a national initiative, which is available to all Early Learning and Care settings in Ireland. Better Start provide professional development to settings catering for early years children. The team of specialists provide mentoring and coaching to implement the national frameworks Síolta and Aistear, enhancing quality practice and positive outcomes for children.

Food & Nutrition

At Tír na nÓg we have developed and implemented a healthy eating policy, using the Food and Nutrition Guidelines for Pre-school Services, which ensures the integration of healthy foods and drinks into meals, snacks, curriculum, celebrations and play.

We cater for both cultural and dietary requirements, providing choices and options, which also suit children’s tastes and preferences. Whenever possible, children are involved in the preparation of meals and snacks. Children are encouraged to serve themselves and decide on the portion size that they wish to eat.

Tír na nÓg Huntstown

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Tír na nÓg Hartstown

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