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At Tír na nÓg Childcare and Montessori we have a wonderful team of highly qualified and dedicated childcare professionals. With a combination of years of experience and regular updated training, we can promise that your child will receive the highest quality of care and early education. Some of our staff have been with us for over 10 years and the newer staff greatly benefit from their experience and wisdom. While our newly qualified staff bring fresh ideas to the team, which gives us an important representation of both maturity and youth.

We have a remarkably low turnover of staff, and when we are recruiting, we carefully select employees for their warm interaction and relationship with children. We have an ongoing internal training programme, designed to update our skills and keep us informed of the latest developments in Early Childhood Care and Education.

Our work environment is relaxed, friendly and happy, while always maintaining a professional air. The staff know they always have the support of management and as a team they look out for each other.

Vera Baker | Director

Vera is a director at NV Kela Enterprises Ltd and co-owner of Tír na nÓg Huntstown and Tír na nÓg Hartstown. She began her childcare career over 20 years ago and is a qualified Montessori teacher. While Vera spent many years teaching her role is now office based; she looks after the administration of the business. However, she believes that the key to running a successful creche is to know the children and parents, to understand their individual needs and to ensure their needs are being met.

Vera says

“While I don’t teach any more, I do spend time in the classrooms whenever I can. Truthfully, it’s to get my daily fix of hugs, but it’s also very important for me to keep abreast of the day to day happenings and to know each child’s personality. It’s also imperative that I get to know our parents, and parents know that myself and Niamh are always available to chat about any concerns or suggestions they may have. Staff too know that our role as management is to look after their needs and to give them the support they require. My office is often referred to as a ’Pastoral Care Centre’ for staff, children and parents too.”


Niamh Fisher | Director

Niamh Fisher is a director at NV Kela Enterprises Ltd and co-owner of Tír na nÓg Huntstown and Tír na nÓg Hartstown. Niamh began her career in childcare over 20 years ago, in the same creche where she first worked with Vera Baker. They quickly became friends and realised their ethos and philosophy were very similar which prompted them to become partners and open their own creche. Niamh is a qualified Montessori teacher and Early Childhood Educator. Niamh is the financial director however she still teaches from time to time.

Niamh says

‘I’m always available to step in when I’m needed. I think this is very important for keeping in touch with the children, parents and staff. It is always a pleasure to spend time in the classroom, the children are so enthusiastic and eager to learn. I’m very proud of the creche and Montessori schools we have built and that we have never strayed from our ideals. We have successfully been looking after the early education and care of children in Dublin 15 for over 20 years.”

Our team’s Qualifications include:


  • Early Childhood Care and Education
  • Montessori Teaching
  • Child Protection
  • Children First
  • Early Intervention
  • Children With Additional Needs
  • Link Programme/Aim Coordinators
  • Síolta/Aistear Curriculum National Framework
  • Paediatric And Emergency First Aid
  • Fire Safety
  • Manual Handling
  • Haacap/ Food Safety
  • Elklan Speech And Language Support 3 – 5 Years
  • Parent’s Plus Early Years Classroom Management Programme
  • Behaviour Management

Huntstown Team

Emer Madigan

Emer Madigan has been working at Tír na nÓg Huntstown for over 20 years. She is a qualified Montessori teacher and Childcare Professional. Emer is also the mother of 3 and has a wealth of experience and knowledge. Emer teaches Montessori in the mornings and cares for the Afterschool children in the afternoons. Children and parents love Emer’s abounding energy and positive disposition. Emer is passionate about Early Childhood Care and Education and has dedicated her life’s career to delivering high quality childcare.

Elaine O'Toole

Elaine O’Toole has worked in childcare for nearly twenty years, over fourteen years at Tír na nÓg Huntstown. Elaine is our Senior relief leader. Both her professional experience and her experience as a mother, mean she has a great understanding of all the age groups in our service. She is always passing on helpful tips and practical advice to parents. Elaine brings a rich and diverse set of skills to our team.

Aisling Kearney

Aisling Kearney is our manager in the Huntstown branch. She began her career in childcare with us in 2006 and has experienced working with every age group. She has been an integral part of the changing curriculums, policy’s and in enforcing regulations. We are very fortunate to have such an experienced and qualified member of staff as our manager.

Aisling is also our AIM Co-ordinator. AIM (Access and Inclusion Model) is a model of supports designed to ensure that children with disabilities can fully participate in the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Programme, thereby reaping the benefits of quality early years care and education and realising the opportunity to reach their full potential. Aisling qualified and is running the AIM programme in Tír na nÓg Huntstown. We currently have children attending our ECCE Montessori who avail of the AIM programme.

Aisling Oakes

Aisling Oakes began her career at Tír na nÓg Huntstown on a work placement. As soon as she qualified, we immediately offered her a full-time position. She is our Junior Montessori Leader. Aisling is devoted to helping each child in her care achieve his/her potential and to develop a lifelong love of learning. Aisling gives gentle direction and is a great source of guidance. She provides the children with the freedom to develop inner direction and discipline, while setting achievable goals and reasonable limits. Aisling is mature beyond her years and a valued member of our team.

Rebecca Keogh

Rebecca Keogh is our School Aged Children practitioner. She has a great report with this age group, and the afterschool children enjoy fun activities and imaginative play after their busy day in school. Rebecca has returned to college on a part-time basis for further qualifications in Early Years and School Age Care and Education.

Natalia Climus

Natalia is our Special Needs Assistant. Currently we have two children attending our service for ECCE who have additional needs. Natalia works with both children, assisting in the classrooms and encouraging the children’s independence and social skills. Having Natalia on our team gives us the support to meet the needs of the children who require extra attention and therefore we are able to say our service is all inclusive.

Aline Lopas

Aline Lopas is a level 8 graduate and one of our ECCE lead practitioners. Aline is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English, which is an asset in our culturally diverse setting. 

Linda Murray

Linda Murray has many years’ experience in childcare. Linda takes our ECCE Montessori group and has a wonderful relationship with the children. She understands how to communicate on their level and the children respond positively to her. Linda takes our ECCE Montessori group and in a very short space of time she has won over the children’s affection. Linda comes to class over loaded with ideas, tasks and projects for the children. Linda is very creative and has a natural understanding of children’s needs. She encompasses a broad knowledge of Early Childhood Care and Education.

Hartstown Team

Sarah Keegan

Mum of two, Sarah Keegan is one of our Playgroup Leaders. Sarah has over ten years’ experience in childcare and understands the importance of developing communication skills and social skills with this younger age group. Sarah leads her group in fun activities that promote sensory and language development. Sarah has a warm and friendly disposition which both children and parents respond positively to.

Miriam McIlkenny

Miriam returned recently after maternity leave and jumped with great enthusiasm into her new role, Afterschool leader. With over 10 years’ experience in Childcare, Miriam was delighted to shift gear and the Afterschool children are the ones benefitting. Miriam’s calm and relaxed approach is ideal to keep this robust group balanced. She is a positive role model and provides a fun and easy-going environment for the children after their more formal day in school. Miriam has extended experience in supervising homework, and once complete children part-time in enjoyable and entertaining activities. Miriam brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team in Hartstown.

While Maggie is on maternity leave Miriam has stepped into the role of duty manager. With over 10 years’ experience in childcare Miriam has the knowledge and hands on experience needed for this role. Miriam is by nature calm and relaxed which is ideal when dealing with the day to day running of a busy creche. She is role model to the team and fantastic support to staff, parents and children. Her positive attitude and easy-going nature has a calming effect on children and the team. 

Lindsay Moran

Lindsay Moran came to Tír na nÓg Hartstown to part-take in our work experience programme, while she completed her Level 6 studies. From her first day we know that Lindsay had that something special, that cannot be taught in college. She has a natural ability and deep understanding of children’s needs. As soon as Lindsay qualified from college, we offered her a full-time position. We were delighted when she officially took charge of the ECCE Montessori full-time group. She leads the group with confidence and knowledge beyond her experience. The children respond so well to her natural good humour and positive outlook. No doubt Lindsay has a wonderful future ahead of her in Early Childhood Care and Education, and we are fortunate that her future is with Tír na nÓg.

Alannah Gammage

Alannah Gammage is continuing her studies for her graduate degree in Early Years Care and Education, while working part-time with us. Alannah started out in our Huntstown branch and now works predominantly in Hartstown.

Shauna O'Neill

We have known Shauna for many years as her younger brothers attended our Huntstown branch. Shauna works primarily with the Afterschool children and is a big hit with this age group. 

She is always smiling and has an easy-going nature, which this age group respond positively too. She keeps them busy and entertained with her amazing ideas and imagination. 

Rachel Doyle

Rachel Doyle began in our Huntstown branch many years ago and is now a practitioner in our full-time ECCE group. We are delighted to have her back with us at Tír na nÓg.

Lauren Gallagher

Lauren Gallagher is a level 8 graduate and the lead practitioner in our full time ECCE group. She brings energy, positivity and fun to the classroom. Lauren is a great organiser and keeps her large group of children busy and interested all day long.


What Our Families are Saying

“After a bad experience with another playschool I found Tír na nÓg and Emer. From day one she has been professional, caring, honest and kind. My son skips into see her every morning and I have great peace of mind knowing that he is being well looked after. He has come on leaps and bounds and is ready to start Big School in September. We will miss Emer and all the staff in Tír na nÓg. I can’t recommend them highly enough.” Donna

“Elaine’s experience and no-nonsense approach meant I was secure leaving my very precious child in her care. Before leaving him in Tír na nÓg on my return to work I hadn’t spent much time away from him at all. Elaine is a fantastic source of advice for any childcare topic you could mention” Elizabeth

“My son Cal has been attending Tír na nÓg for nearly two years now and from the moment he stepped in the doors I knew I made the right choice. Aisling has been Cal’s AIM support key worker for almost a year now as Cal has a diagnosis of Autism. I am very confident in saying Aisling has made a huge impact on Cal’s development over this time. It is very clear to me to see the passion she has working with children. Aisling has also linked in with Cal’s early intervention team implementing their strategy’s in the school setting which has been amazing. No words could be enough for what she has done for my son over the past year and I’m excited to see what unfolds over the next year.” Aoife and Cal

“I am very happy with choosing Tír na nÓg for my daughter. All the staff is nice and always with a big smile on their faces. Aisling is being so nice, so patient and supportive with Ema’s potty training. Gave me ideas of how to encourage my daughter at home and we are on the right way. I hear Ema singing at home different songs and she already knows the Alphabet. And it is all Aislings ‘fault’! For peace of mind, as a parent, make the right choice for your child!” Ani

“Gretchen is very professional and competent on all policies and procedures. Has great attitude towards children and is able to keep them organised, safe and happy. Karol often talks that she comforts him when something happens. It’s clear both Karol and Oskar have a great bond with Gretchen, and its very satisfying for a parent to know that. She has also proven to be understanding and flexible towards us parents as we often tend to forget things. Overall, I think Gretchen is a very strong member of staff, and I am never hesitant to ask her anything and confident that she will assist me in the best possible way. Well Done Gretchen!” Dagmara

“Maggie has a fantastic manner, she is always very approachable and takes seriously concerns I have or any requests regarding the care of my son. He loves going into the creche each morning and Maggie’s name is always the first he mentions. I think he might take her over his Mammy some days!” Liz

“We have known Celine for nearly 7 years now and can honestly say she is a treasure. She is very caring and attentive teacher and the children love her. Amelia tells us she is her best friend on a regular basis! It makes leaving our children a lot easier each day knowing they are in such good hands. We are very fond of her and grateful for the care she gives our kids” Sandra and Martin.

Carrie displays nothing but love and affection for children in her care. She attunes quickly to each child’s likes and dislikes and is very intuitive when it comes to the child’s needs. She is always outgoing and enthusiastic in her approach to all activities with the children. My son Adam adores her and has from the moment he was placed in her care two and a half years ago. Carrie is what made the difference when I decided to return to work because I knew my son was happy and well looked after in her care.” Nicola

“My son Ben adores Sarah, she is so sweet and friendly, I can see why. She has given my son the best start at schooling that I could have hoped for. Thank you xx” Donna

“The joy and excitement of learning that Linda brings to the classroom is evident to us when our daughter returns home each day. Our daughter loves to tell us about all the new things she has learned or when Linda has complimented her on helping out in the classroom or doing a task well. What Linda says to the children stays with them and it benefits them greatly, their confidence continually grows as does their interest in learning. A sign of a good teacher is that they can instil a love of learning into the children, Linda does this on a daily basis. She is a great addition to the team at Tír na nÓg. Emma

We recently joined the Tír na nÓg family with our 2-year-old. As every parent, I was concerned about his start in the creche, but we were very lucky to have Marie as our teacher! Little one settled within a week! She’s made sure he’s perfectly fine in the creche, so we couldn’t be happier with such an easy transition. Marie is very experienced, professional and kind person. We are very happy to have her as our son’s teacher. Thank You!” Mila

My daughter is very happy to be with Meaghan. She is a lovely teacher, always smiling and happy. My daughter tells me Meaghan is very kind and gives her lots of praise and rewards. Meaghan always has lovely positive things to tell me about my daughter’s day in creche. I a very happy to leave my child at Tír na nÓg and with Meaghan. Thank you all.” Kamila

“Miriam is fun, enthusiastic, uplifting and always ready with a smile. She has cared for our children over the years with great compassion, kindness and patience. They always speak fondly of her. She has played a central role in the development of our children’s growth and self esteem. ” Keith and Amanda

“Tommy looks forward to going to Tír na nÓg and seeing Lindsay and all his friends every day. We feel very confident and comfortable leaving Tommy in Lindsay’s care each day.” Kathleen

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