Keeping our Children Safe in the Sun!!

Well it looks as though the summer has finally arrived and just at the right time, now that the children are off school. Hopefully we can look forward to long, hot summer days, lots of outdoor play, picnics and ice-creams, trips to the zoo and the beach.

Unfortunately with the sun comes a risk for our children, and that is the risk of sun burn and dehydration. And make no mistake it is a serious risk, but it is remarkably easy to keep our children safe in the sun.

A very close friend of mine was recently diagnosed with skin cancer, and is undergoing treatment. The surgeon told her there was nothing she could have done as an adult to prevent it, she has it due to sunburn as a child!

We need to keep our children safe in the sun, by applying a high sun protection factor, putting it on thick, reapplying frequently, and insisting that they wear a hat. This is common practice at our crèche, and the children accept it, so please continue with this good practice while your children are in your care too.

Children often don’t notice the heat, or the cold for that matter, so they will continue to run around and have fun in the sun. Make sure they have plenty of drinks throughout the day. Water is best of course, or a much diluted sugar free fruit juice.

Let’s continue to make the most of this warm spell while ensuring that our children play safe in the sun!

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Fun in the sun
Kids in the garden having fun

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