At Tír na nÓg we provide  after school care for children from junior infants to 4th class and beyond if required.Some of our  after school children arrive to Tír na nÓg early in the morning and they are given a healthy nourishing breakfast, with choice of cereals and porridge, fruit and toast.

For 15 years we have been safely bringing the children to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Huntstown and more recently to St Philips, Mountview. Younger children are provided with booster seats and every child is belted in securly to their seat. The Afterschool children are accompanied to their lines and our staff will stay with the younger children until their teacher takes them into their classroom.

After school care
After schoolers

We are there waiting to collect the children when their school day finishes and when they return to the crèche they are provided with a hot nourishing dinner and tea in the afternoon. Emer takes the afterschool children. She has worked in Tír na nÓg for 13 years and is a mother of three, ranging from toddler to teenager. Her wealth of experience and knowledge is evident in the classroom and in how she relates to the students and parents.

Emer has had training in supervising homework for after school children, and you can rest assured that when you collect your child and bring them home you can spent time doing the fun stuff with them, as the hard stuff has being taken care of in crèche. Once homework is finished the Afterschoolers choose which activity they wish to partake in. They will have time to play in the garden, or use the homeroom. They enjoy art and crafts, singing and drama, board games, team games, dress up and construction.

We take the After school care children for full and half days when the schools close during term, and full time during mid term, Easter and summer holidays. In fine weather, when the afterschoolers are off from school we take them to the local park which is within walking distance of the creche. There they can play games like foot ball and rounders, and we always pack a picnic so it is a really fun day for the after school group.

Like all of our classes at Tír na nÓg, we keep our Afterschool group small, places are limited, and we are filling up for September ’11. If you would like more information on our After school care group phone us on 8220515, and we would be happy to arrange for you to come along to see our crèche, and to speak to a childcare expert on your child’s individual needs.


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