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The objective of the playgroup programme is to provide a safe, ordered, interesting and stimulating environment which is reinforced with love, encouragement and praise. In all of our groups our teachings are based around the ideas of Aistear and upon the principles of Síola; Aistear/Síolta National Curriculum Framework.

Our Playgroup Children

Children starting in our Playgroups are two years old. Some of the children in these groups are full-day care while others are part-time and finish at 1pm or 2pm each day. We keep the class size small in our Playgroup as this age group need a lot of individual care and attention.

What happens in Playgroup?

Children arriving from 7.30am will be offered a choice of breakfast cereal, porridge and wholemeal toast. By 9am all groups are in session and the Playgroup usually begin a group activity, followed by individual activities such as, jigsaws, peg boards and threading. Whenever possible the Playgroup children will spend part of their morning in the garden. Garden time is a mix of free play and organised play. We fundamentally believe that playing outdoors is imperative for children’s health and well-being.

At tidy up and snack time children are encouraged to tidy up after themselves and to wash and dry their hands. We provide a healthy, well balanced snack, cooked on the premises and served hot. Drinks are available to children throughtout the day, a choice of unsweetened juice or water.

Children wind down with circle time and story time, before nappy changes and nap. Nap time is supervised, and each child has their own bed, sheet, blanket and comforter if necessary. Getting enough rest is important for children’s well-being and to help them to self-regulate behaviour. It is more likely that an overtired child will be pensive and difficult to comfort.

Dinner is served at approximately 2.45pm and all meals contain healthy nourishing fresh ingredients, while also appealing to children’s tastes. After dinner children will return to the garden for play, weather permitting. Alternatively, they will partake in indoor activities. Dress up is always popular as is playing house. The important thing is the children get to choose the activity.

Tea-time is at 4.45pm, and children are offered crackers or sandwiches with a selection of topping or fillings. Fruit and berries are available to children throughout the day, as are drinks.


Home Time

At home time we try to ensure that parents speak to their child’s key worker every day, to get a little feedback on how your child’s day has been. We also keep written observations and all children will receive an end of year book containing photographs and pieces of work etc.

The key leaders of the Playgroup pay close attention to the development of speech and language through a range of fun activities such as songs, nursery rhymes, story time and circle time. They also work closely with parents to help toilet train, promote good nutrition and healthy sleep patterns. They work to develop social skills and promote sensory development. They lead their groups through interesting and meaningful learning experiences. The children in the Playgroup respond to daily routines and a calm and ordered class environment.

The goal with the playgroup is to encourage independence, self-regulation, a desire to learn and a joyful and positive response to life.


The goal with the playgroup is to encourage independence, self-regulation, a desire to learn and a joyful and positive response to life.


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